Chenzen v. ∞

So Danny and I have tried creating and maintaining a blog so many times that I've lost track -- quite frankly it's something that we've tried a bunch of times beginning in high school, though I think the first iteration of Chenzen may have been in college when we first purchased the domain. In any case, here we are again trying to see if we can get it going.

This time around though, I don't think we're going to try any scheduled posting or any of that nonsense. We've gone that route before to little or no avail, so at least I propose that this is just a once in a while type of thing where if ever the mood hits, we'll post something.

Whether it's about Danny's music, programming, my photo hobby, or perhaps even more personal things in our lives; I hope that we'll have the motivation to post it here. If not, then nothing lost or gained in my opinion.

Now with that intro out of the way, let's do what most blogs aim to do -- talk about absolutely nothing of real importance. Like maybe about blogs. Yes - there's something very meta about talking about blogs in the first blog post on this newly created blog.

Having mainly used Wordpress before, I've been growing more and more dissatisfied with it. It feels like it's being designed to cater more towards fully fledged sites and less about blogging, which I totally understand and yet am still disappointed about. That being said, I've been following the ghost project for quite some time since their Kickstarter and I've since deployed it several times, but I don't think I've made it past 1 or 2 posts with it. And with every new deployment, the version number keeps jumping, so I get to experience new features, designs, and whatnot. Maybe this will be the first time I get to actually using it more frequently (though my gut says probably not). I actually turned my blog into the which was running ghost before, but I have nuked whatever was on it and am now running the latest and greatest version of ghost. You'll notice that both domains go to this site -- I haven't forwarded the domain from j-katz because I was lazy and so both domain apexes go here instead. I may never do it cause it's kind of whatever.

I realize that at this point in internet history, if I actually want any of this to be read, I should post on Medium or something. I find some inner satisfaction in knowing that I can own a domain and have total control of the content though. Even if that means just setting up some blogging platform on some random AWS server and pointing to it from GoDaddy DNS servers. I also don't really feel like the content on here will be worthwhile to many anyway since like I mentioned earlier, this is going to be more of a just "if we feel like it" type blog anyway.

Oh yeah - I spent a few hours searching for a theme that I liked and they all suck. Too many stupid overly gratuitous animations and crap. All I wanted was a simple design that had a top cover image and allowed me to have full-width image inclusions. I ended up sticking with the default Casper theme because honestly I like it and it does its job well. I could probably easily modify it to do what I want as well -- I just thought some random scrub on the internet that wasn't me would've done it already without all the other frills and shit, but apparently that's impossible to find.

Ok, well my rant is over now. If anyone ever reads this, I applaud you because this was a huge waste of your time. And mine. But mainly yours.

Over and out,